Monday, June 29, 2009

Tour Video #3

Here is a peak at our time in Wichita, Pueblo, and Salt Lake City!

We're excited to be in Abilene, Texas at Monks Coffee tonight.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quick one

Okay, you guys. So it's not so easy to upload videos, photos, and other exciting news while on tour. This is a learning experience for all of us obviously. Internet access is few and far between. For example, right now is an ideal time to edit some videos and post some photos except that there is very very loud electronica music blaring from the speakers of this joint. Therefore, I cannot hear my computer even with headphones on. But I promise, dearest blog readers, there will be an updated video soon. I am working very diligently on the Wichita-Pueblo tour video #3 when possible. It is fairly difficult to do when my computer has no charge left on the battery and we are going from place to place.

Anyway, today we find ourselves in the heart of Humboldt county California. Ah, yes. We have experienced it all. We took a stroll in the Arcata Community Forest today in order to see some of the biggest trees ever- Redwoods. They were glorious. It felt like a dinosaur was going to come around the corner any minute.

We also compiled all our change to do laundry. Praise Jesus for Clean Laundry & Showers.

Downtown Arcata has a delicious little pizza & donut shop called "Don's" which serves donuts that are superior to the likes of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin. Not kidding. The Arcata Theatre and Lounge is the coolest venue we have been to yet. It's only been open a couple months but in a year or so I bet you will see some major touring acts come through here.

Well, we are about to head up on stage to play some tunes, but I'll have that video for you in a jiffy. We head to San Francisco for a day off tomorrow. We'll probably play an open mic or somethin.

Love you all. Miss you all.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Field Music Video!

While you wait for our latest Tour Video Update, please take a look at this music video done by our great friends Kyle & Garrett (Somnium Arbitrium). Thanks so much for keeping up with us and our adventures!

We are in Moscow, Idaho at One World Cafe right now. I always heard Idaho wasn't much to write home about but geez, it is BEAUTIFUL. No joke. It's some of the most gorgeous terrain I've seen this whole trip! Also it is filled with bicycle riding, music loving, art appreciating, coffee drinking, laid back people.

We head to Seattle tomorrow!