Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a small update...

Hello all,

So I've been taking a bit of a break lately, I moved into a new place in East Atlanta & have bee building bicycles to support myself. It has been fun. Taking a break from relentless booking, playing and travel has been a great time of rest. I've been living like a normal person!!! Interesting! But I'm beginning to feel that old familiar itch. I hope to get out on the road for a short time later in the year, and perhaps record a record later in the year too. I'm doing some short runs on the road in the near future but nothing very extensive. Holding down rent, and a small biz is fun & I'm finding it rewarding. I hope to balance my musical ambitions and this lifestyle over the next year or so while I make a new record & work hard to get back into the music game full force. Who knows what might could happen in the next year? Thanks so much for your listenership, your encouraging words, and your love.

Please keep in touch.