Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is a fan?

As an independent artist I always cringe at words like selling, marketing, and buzz... There is a common perception that a musician must learn all these things if he or she wants to have a career being a performing artist. This overwhelms me at times.

I'm not any of those things, I just want to write music that touches people and points to truth!

I do want to make a living with my music. Right now, Susanne is in school learning about music business/marketing & I work at a church as an audio technician. In the past couple weeks we have engaged in some interesting conversations about marketing Besides Daniel.

My roommate, Tommy, runs a brand consulting business and a few nights ago I asked his opinion on a few things. Our conversation changed my view on the whole idea of "fans."

My conversation with Susanne and Tommy allowed me to see that we don't need a million impersonal fans. I'd much rather have fewer quality "fans" we respect as more than just a consumer of a product and with whom we can interact. I'll be okay if we don't have masses of "fans," and we will always value the folks that do support us.

All this to say, if you are someone who enjoys our tunes and wants to help us realize a dream of doing this as a career, then please let us know by signing up on our mailing list. You will receive updates from us about interesting things going on with us on our journey to quitting our day jobs. We will not Spam you! We hope to gain more than fans. We hope to develop friends.

So here's to you! We respect you and want to develop a real relationship with you.
Thanks for reading this.



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