Friday, March 20, 2009

A Name for the EP!!!!!!!!

We hope this update finds you doing well & enjoying the Spring!

So we just got finished tracking all of my (Danny's) vocals for the entire Ep today. My head kinda hurts & I'm tired. Singing can really take it out of you. But my spirits are high, huge weight lifted off!!!! You know how it feels to have a deadline right? Even though you might be doing what you love, it still seems to hang over your head. Well we are getting really close to our "self imposed" April 1st deadline. I've been dreading getting my vocals down because my voice seems to be quite unpredictable. So when I began to sing today and it came out quite clear, I decided to track as much as I could.
This record is coming together slowly but surely. It has been a technical and logistical challenge because we are self producing it, and as you probably know, all my recording gear was stolen last year. So now we do what we can and piece together lil set ups wherever we can get silence & a computer in the same room. But I believe Lewis put it well, "the land of duty & delight are one"... So we will keep working on it.
The name of the record will be "The Clay, The Seed, The Stone," We thought for a long time about what to name it & this name just seemed to fit. This collection of songs seem to keep bringing us back to the earth, back to relationships, back to family, back to nature, back to toil, and back to love. So until the fruit of our labor ripens in the form of a compact disc, we will keep on keeping on.

On another note, we are thinking of releasing a three song "besides" of Besides Daniel music on NoiseTrade. It is a pay what you want (or help promote) online store that is making lot's of waves in the independent music scene. We will fill you in once that happens, (could be as soon as next week)...

Thanks for reading this update!

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Cd release at the end of May!

-Besides Daniel

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