Wednesday, September 9, 2009

thoughts from Danny

Learning to form ideas is like sculpting a stone. Reading Dylan is like hearing a song. Thoughts are sterile & dull until leaned upon & squeezed like a fruit until, every drop is ready to be absorbed. It is art that is as unending as the cosmos. Any detail of our lives gives reason to muse endlessly. Only thoughts remain. like stones. giant unmovable substance that can only be misunderstood by one willingly ignorant. learn to interpret self. To search for context & sub-context so as to create what will be. As we all try to discover our chief end. My chief end in today is the cultivating of all that has come before me. And then to relay it to the ones who might come after. this is done via thought in form. via idea in shape. Via Creation. No context is without weight. All insight is a building block for the structure of mind. The world is a collage of noise. Artists suck out the tune. Harness it like a wind. Write, sing, sculpt, dream, paint, dance, whatever. We are not here to die. Take a stab at words. We should hope to slay it.

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