Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Bike Tour" tour

Danny is doing a solo "bike tour" tour soon. He'll be riding to Chicago on bike over the course of about two weeks-stopping every 60 miles or so to do an intimate house show. The journey will be about 800 miles & it will take him 15 days to pedal it all. He plans on flying home from Chicago after he has sold his bike to someone there in the windy city (God Bless Craigslist). He will leave on May the 26th & fly home on June the 12th after a few days of biking about Chicago & seeing some old friends.

What he will need at every stop is a guitar to play, a shower, food, and a place to sleep. Can you help???

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Sara E said...

you can stay with me in Nashville. DUH.

June said...

Im a musician myself with no expectancy of anything other than to sing my words to whatever is listening even if its myself, I love the intimacy and specialness of this tour, id only hope you would come to elk river minnesota and exchange stories with a man who would like to be part of something bigger than myself and my own knowledge of the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm a musician from Big Lake, MN myself we've probably crossed paths June! The Mississip would be a good bike path Danny, we've got some soulful musicians up here in MN always looking to meet new people and I agree, have some great conversations and exchange stories and experiences.

Bessie B. said...

Neat-o! The Ditty Bops did something similar a few years ago. Always thought that was the coolest idea.