Thursday, April 1, 2010

So we have 10 days left to reach our goal of $2000 that will fund our DVD project. We have been biting our nails a bit, but we trust that our fan-base and friends will come through. Aspiring to create art for a living is a precarious undertaking. Especially when one has strict independent ideals. Some risk great career opportunities, a comfortable lifestyle, and even personal relationships to create art as a vocation. Besides Daniel hopes to inspire creativity, honesty, and community with our music, but as with everything else in this world, our ambitions are dependent on the willingness of those who enjoy the fruit of our work to make an exchange. We don't demand much, only a few bucks & a moment of your time to make the purchase. To think that ones dreams can come true if only a few folks took a sec to pre-order a DVD the price of a meal is an amazing concept. We believe it is possible. Please do your part to keep art alive. Keep the DIY ideal alive. Support art and the world will be a more beautiful place, and the world will thank you, or at least we will… in our DVD booklet thing.


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